art miami new york 2015

Caught this art fair Friday afternoon, and enjoyed it very much.  If you go, and I recommend a visit , be sure to wear really comfortable footwear, as it’s a large fair with some 100 exhibitors of contemporary art. My dogs are still killing me. Fortunately, it’s all on one level with a few food/drink stations.

Most of the works were large scale (at least 6’ x 8’) ; photography, oil, acrylics were the dominant media. Many had a 3-dimensional quality; some were almost sculptoral, made from several layers of steel wire or similar material; others were made from painted blocks. Several works had a colored background interspersed with protruding nails or overlain with strips made from twisted paper or flat wood (or other material), producing an optical illusion reminiscent of op-art.

What I really appreciated most of all was the willingness of the gallery representatives to engage in conversation, even when it was clear I wasn’t in the market; many of them would still talk to me about the artist and his/her process; very often they initiated the conversation.

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