NYC Panorama and the World’s Fair at the Queens Museum

Panorama-Midtown & Queens with Roosevelt Island

Panorama-Midtown & Queens with Roosevelt Island

Sure, everyone knows that the Bronx is up and the Battery is down, but do you know exactly how they line up? Hint, the subway map isn’t gonna tell you.  Instead, get over to the Queens Museum and see the Panorama, a scale model of all 5 boroughs in one room!  It’s a rather amazing sight, giving you a fuller sense of where the different neighborhoods are in relation to each other across the boroughs. I had a lot of fun walking around, figuring out where I had lived and gone to school in the Bronx, and where my current Brooklyn location fits in. Originally constructed for the 1964 World’s Fair, the Panorama was completely updated in 1992. Built to a scale of 1 inch equalling 100 feet, the Panorama has over 895,000 buildings, plus streets, parks and 100 bridges.   You can find more information here 

If you’re a World’s Fair buff (or, if you’ve got wonderful memories of attending it), the Queens Museum has memorabilia from the Fair as part of their permanent exhibitions.   You can find out more about the Museum’s permanent and current exhibitions here   

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