Chelsea Music Festival

I first attended the Chelsea Music Festival last year, when it featured a German-Brazilian theme, so when this year’s iteration was announced I got tickets.  The 2015 Festival celebrates the music of Finland and Hungary, performed by top-notch (if not household names) musicians.  In addition to works by well known composers, the program includes several commissioned pieces.  On Saturday, the program featured works from J.S. Bach, Erno Dohnayi, and Jean Sibilius, as well as specially commissioned pieces by Ilari Kaila.  The finale, refractions on several preludes from Bachs’ Well-Tempered Clavier, was really a conversation between the jazz pianist Adam Birnbaum and the drummer Olavi Louhivouri.  And it was wonderful.   Wednesday, I attended Immutable Dreams, a program of Hungarian Jewish composers such as Karl Goldmark and Joseph Joachim, whose work I didn’t know, but was delighted to hear.  The level of musicianship in this Festival is quite impressive, and I hope you’ll get to hear some of it before it closes on June 20th.  Take a look at the program here .

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