Good Fences?

Fences & Neighbors, Janet Goldner

Fences & Neighbors, Janet Goldner

Janet Goldner’s new show Fences & Neighbors  at the Five Myles gallery in Brooklyn will certainly make you reconsider the old saw about good fences making good neighbors. This installation  was inspired by a research trip Janet made to Arizona in 2014, and is very timely in view of all the loose rhetoric that’s been flying around about the U.S.’ policy towards migrants from Mexico, not to mention the global issue of migration. Occupying a small space in the front of the gallery, the first thing you’ll notice is the woven wire fence stretching  from the door to the opposite wall.  On two of the walls are panels with photos, stories and statistics that reveal how the border is more than a fence; the often harrowing journey across the border is followed by an equally arduous one to find shelter, work, and money.  On the back wall, a screen plays videos in which several migrants tell their stories and the dreams that propelled them to create a new life in a new land.

This show demands a lot of your attention, but it’s definitely worth the effort.  It will run until May 8th. 

Janet also has several sculptures in the Bronx:Africa exhibit at the Longwood Art Gallery at Hostos in the Bronx (read my review here  )

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