A Taste of France When It’s Not Bastille Day

The French language and French culture is found throughout the globe.  According to the Organisation international de la francophonie, French is spoken by 274 million people on 5 continents.  This article focuses on France, which has the largest French-speaking population in New York City that has grown exponentially over the last dozen years or so; in other posts I’ve covered the NYC cultural activities of countries where French is also spoken. 

There are 67 French-related organizations in New York City, under the umbrella of the Committee of French-Speaking Societies.   I’m just going to talk about a few of them.

If you’re looking for French film, theatre, lectures, books or even lessons, here are three great places to start:  the French Institute, Alliance Française (FI:AF) which has all of the foregoing, all year round.   In addition to their midtown facility, FIAF also has language classes in Brooklyn.  There’s still time to catch their New French Filmmakers series on Tuesdays.  On July 14th,  you can see the theatre production, An Attic Full of Hope,  performed by Bronx en Seine, Franco-American creative collaboration featuring thirty students from the Bronx and Nanterre.

The Maison Française at NYU  and the Maison Française at Columbia offer a wide variety of lectures, screenings and exhibitions, in both French and English. 

The Cultural Services of the French Embassy in NYC has been a  force for spreading French culture in NYC.  Thanks to their efforts, there are now 9 dual-language French-English programs in the public schools at the elementary grades and 1 in middle school.  Let me give a shout-out to Fabrice Jaumont, who’s spearheaded this effort.  More information here 

If you want to know about French goings-on in La Grosse Pomme, check the Cultural Services calendar of events   This summer the Paris-New York Tandem presents more than fifty cultural events in both cities and encompasses a range of disciplines, including music (France Rocks Summerfest) dance, film (Films on the Green), literature and theater.

If you’re looking for books – in both French and English, head over to  Albertine   the book store located in the Cultural Services building, or Idlewild bookstore, which has locations in Manhattan and Brookyn

If you’d like to be part of an on-line community of French speakers and people interested in the French language, check out New York in French  

For more general information about the French in NYC, take a look at French Morning which publishes in both English and French, and covers French activities in LA, Miami, San Francisco and Texas

You also might want to take a look at French District, which has 10 editions in the US (three are also in English), and a large directory of service providers.

Amusez-vous bien, mes lecteurs! 

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