Art on Paper – Art Fair Review

Now in its third year, the Art on Paper show is exactly that:  art made on or of paper, in the form of painting, prints, sculptures, cut paper…   With about 80 galleries showing, here are some of the highlights:

At Space 776, Korean artist Jungsan Kim Yun-Sik   showed work from his Bul-Lip-Mun-Ja series, in which he takes traditional Korean paper, with calligraphy written on it, then cuts it, sometimes rolls it, and recombines it with other elements, such as paper fish, letter blocks, dried lotus petals, straw hats, in this way joining eastern philosophy and aesthetics.  He also has some interesting work made with razor blades.

detail, Bul-lip-mun-ja, Jungsam Kim Ung Sik at Space 776


The Tolman Collection had a lovely handmade paper piece by Sarah Brayer, who’s originally from Rochester, but works in Japan.

Snow Lion Moon on Handmade Paper, Sarah Brayer at the Tolman Collection


Ronin Gallery had some great woodblock prints, especially Yumedono Hall in Horyuji Temple by Shiko Munaka, which he made in 1953.

Yumedono Hall in Horyuji Temple, Shiko Munakata, 1953, woodblock, Ronin Gallery


Toki-No-Wasuremono featured work by Yusuke Koshima, a Tokyo-based architect (originally from New Jersey) who entered that profession because he likes to draw.  He told me that when he designs a building, he is inspired by the site where it will be located.  In the same way, for his paintings he’s inspired by the paper, which he creates from liquid black and white paper – the resulting combination of black, white and gray forms the backdrop for his very detailed fantastical cities.  He noted that his New York painting contains a number of real landmarks, such as the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, the Brooklyn Bridge….

detail of New York, by Yusuke Koshima, 2016, Ink on Japanese paper at Watanuki


Stoney Road Press from Dublin featured work by California artist Monica Lundy that employs a carborundum process and gesso on Indian Khadi paper.  While doing research at the asylum in Bethlem, UK, the artist made a number of thoughtful portraits of psychiatric patients who had been photographed by Henry Hering in the 1800’s.

Harriet, by Monica Lundy, carborundum and gesso


Judith Hughes Day showed contemporary Vietnamese works in varying styles;  I especially liked this woodblock by Le Quoc Viet

On Lotus Pond, by Le Quoc Viet, 2001 woodblock print on paper


The media conglomerate Viacom has an art program, and they showed work by several of their artists, including Crystal Wagner , who created whimsical, colorful, paper sculptures.

Efflorvescence II, by Crystal Wagner


Put the Art on Paper  show on your list for next year!

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