NADA – Art Fair Review

The New Art Dealers Alliance (NADA)  held their show at the Skylight Clarkson, with a focus on new voices in contemporary art working across a wide variety of media.  Here are my highlights

The first thing that called my attention to Yours Mine & Ours booth was the sound – as if someone were typing on an old electric typewriter… but it was, in fact, an alien, typing on a laptop, that the artist Jeremy Couillard  based on his video game, Alien Afterlife.  I must say, it gave me the biggest laugh, having spent many years using both manual and electric typewriters…

Alien Typist, by Jeremy Couilllard at Yours Mine Ours

The booth also featured textiles by Robin Kang, which were designed on a computer, then hooked up to a Jacquard loom and woven partly by hand

Textile by Robin Kang at Yours Mine Ours


The gallery 11R had a group show of some great work, but it was the mono prints by        Aiko Hachisuka  that caught my eye.  At first I thought they were woodcuts, but the gallery director explained that the artist often makes sculptures from fabric, which, I think, gives her work a textural feel – and she has a great sense of color.

monoprint by Aiko Hachisuke at 11R


The Shane Campbell Gallery from Chicago showed work by William J. O’BrienThere were a few large-scale panels with paisley-like patterns made with colored pencils and an ink wash, but it was his smaller scale pieces made from cut and stitched felt that grabbed my attention.

Untitled by William J. O’Brien, felt on felt at Shane Campbell Gallery


Safe Galley featured work by Andy Cahill.  I especially enjoyed his large scale cartoon-like paintings, whose colors are applied using a squirt bottle, after which the drawings are made.  There’s incredible detail in his work, which is hard to catch with a camera, but the background in this picture is made up of tiny faces.

painting by Andy Cahill at Safe Gallery


Daata Editions commissions video, sound and web work.  They were showing Anhedonia, a six-part video by Jacky Connolly.  This is a machinima film, in which the artist uses game platforms (think Second Life ) to create her stories.  It will be interesting to see how this genre develops.

Image from Anhedonia by Jacky Connelly at daata-editions


The NADA    show has always been a great place to get a feel for what’s coming up next, and this year was no different.  Be sure to catch it next year.

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