Spring Break in Brooklyn

The Spring Break Art Fair broke with convention:  it was held in Brooklyn, and it was free!  It also was a move away from the Fair’s normal curator-driven shows, as this one focused on artists and site-specific immersive art.

The cavernous space at CityPoint, a new commercial/residential development in Downtown Brooklyn was the perfect site for the show, which consisted of a dozen large-scale works that you could walk around or through. Many had a political and/or ecological theme. Here are some of my favorites:

Sky Diamond, Jason Peters, fluorescent lights and water

Sky Diamond reflected in its pool

Jason Peter’s geometrical light sculpture, Sky Diamond, graced the entrance.  Composed of 23 prisms stacked on one of their ends, the diamond is reflected in a black diamond shaped pool in which it sits – slightly off kilter – so that, depending on where you stand, the reflection in the pool expands or contracts. 

Social Dress New Orleans, Takashi Horisaki, latex and paint

Social Dress New Orleans, Takashi Horisaki, latex and paint

With Social Dress New Orleans, Takashi Horisaki  http://takashihorisaki.com/ created a full-scale latex replica of a New Orleans shot-gun style house that was demolished in Hurricane Katrina in 2005.  For three months, the artist worked with local volunteers, applying multiple layers of latex and paint to the house’s exterior, which was then left to dry until the summer of 2007, when they were peeled off to create a 3-D print of the structure.  This work makes the aftermath of Katrina very tangible.

Lux Aeterna, Adela Andea, neon and other light sources, plastic

detail, Lux Aeterna, Adela Andea, neon and other light sources, plastic

Adela Andea’s  Lux Aeterna was a wonderful kaleidoscope of light – whether as gently curving flex neon sketches, or floating objects of other materials that are illuminated.  The title refers to areas at the polar ends of the moon which are always in sunlight. 

Entre Nosotros (Between Us), Lionel Cruet, sand, boat, video, lights

Lionel Cruet  created an audio-visual installation Entre Nosotros (Between Us). With it’s rowboat resting on a sand “beach,” and video projections of a sun that repeatedly rises and changes color, and waves that continuously roll towards the shore, he’s created a scene that makes you think about the interactions between the sun, the sea, the shore, and us.

I’m looking forward to next year’s Immersive – where ever it may be!

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