Sculptors Guild on Governor’s Island

This year the Sculptors Guild is celebrating its 80th anniversary with an exhibit in Nolan Park on Governor’s Island. Featuring works by 36 sculptors, this wonderful show is a testament to their skill in transforming materials – steel, aluminum, glass, fabric – into works of art.  Take a look at the on-line exhibit catalogue which gives you insight into the artists, then go see the show.  Here are my highlights:

Plow-Warrior Figure, Eric David Laxman, welded and forged steel, granite, found objects

Eric David Laxman’s Plow-Warrior Figure has presence, not only due to it’s size – 6ft tall – but also the way in which he’s combined stone, steel and found objects, especially the base, which contributes to the Figure’s energy and sense of movement.

detail, Blowing in the Wind or the Invasion of Industry, Lucy Hodgson, concrete, steel pipe, antler, wire mesh

Lucy Hodgson’s  Blowing in the Wind, or the Invasion of Industry refers to the destruction of the natural environment by industrialization. The head of the piece, above, rests on a skeletal frame of steel pipes, giving it a bird-like quality.

Magic Carpet Ride, Thea Lanzisero, steel

When seen from afar, Thea Lanzisero’s Magic Carpet Ride looks charcoal black; however, the closer you get, the more you see the underlying reds and blues, which my camera’s flash has made pop.  I like how she used screws for the fringe.

ZigZags, Janet Goldner, steel

Janet Goldner’s steel ZigZags are part of an ongoing series, influenced by her work in Mali (for over two decades), and reflecting her deep interest in African art.

Counter Action, Conrad Levenson, iron and steel

I especially liked the sense of fun in Conrad Levenson’s Counter Action as well as his use of weathered, rusted steel and iron.  Although I didn’t try to set it in motion, if you do, the saw blades and the disc will move at different speeds, creating tension among them.

Rising Tide, Eve Ingalls, bronze, photographs

I was attracted to the delicate metal overlay of Eve Ingalls Rising Tide, which I had thought was copper, but is in fact, bronze.  The photos are of a game field the artist created on a beach in Costa Rica. She made the shells in the photo from paper, because there aren’t any real shells left.  At the bottom, you’ll find a human shadow…

Knight, Emil Silberman, metal, wood, found objects

Before I knew the title of Emil Silberman’s Knight, my first thought was Don Quixote.  And my first reaction was a smile.  A really fun piece, with ingenious use of found objects.

There’s lots more to see in the Sculptors Guild’s exhibit, and you’ll find art throughout Governor’s Island, so be sure to leave yourself enough time to explore!   This exhibit will be up until July 16th.  It’s lots of fun, so put it on your TO DO list!

Approaching Governor’s Island on the Ferry

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